Janet Decker Yanez

Born in Independence, MO

Lives and works in Nashville, TN

Janet Decker Yanez is a process-oriented, socially engaged artist. She works with materials that she has in excess and on hand. She visually documents shared space, time, memories and experiences with media from fabrics to found objects. In her studio she cycles through different series, and for the last 7 years has been using food coloring and unconventional spray-painting methods on a variety of surfaces. In 2012, she founded Ground Floor Gallery + Studios, in the Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood, which operates as a non-commercial gallery and studio collective that curates varied contemporary exhibitions, hosts open studios/tours, and participates in the Nashville Art Crawl Scene.


Upcoming Events and Exhibitions 

Dinner's Ready, curated by Pamela Taylor at Gallery Bang Bang, Nashville TN--October 2019

Artist/Mother Retreat Speaker hosted by Kaylan Buteyn of the podcast Artist/Mother, Kingston Springs, TN--November 2019


Selected Group and Solo Shows

2019    Fruit Punch, curated by Kate Faulkner, Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville, TN  

2018    Evolution, Solo Exhibition at Galerie Tangerine, Nashville, TN 

           4th Edition of Patent Pending curated by Jon Whitfill, Contemporary Art Museum Plaiview, TX 

           Apartment 38, curated by Austin Thomas, Brooklyn, NY

           Burnaway's Art Crush, ADAC, Atlanta, GA

           Self and Surroundings curated by Naomi Bartlett, Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville, TN

2017    BARED, The Diamond Shop, Morgantown, WV

           Art Crush-Prom, Gallery 874, Atlanta, GA

2016    Unfinished Business, Solo Exhibition, Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville, TN

           In the Secret Garden, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

           New Art in a Old House, Governors Island, NY

2015   We All Draw, symposium organized by Angela Brew, Michelle Fava and Andrea Kantrowitz, Bargehouse, Southbank, London 

           ReFreshed, Govenor's Island, NY

           ReFreshed, Wash U, St. Louis, MO

           ReFreshed, The Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

           Piece Makers, Three-Person Exhibition at TVC, Nashville, TN

           Transformed Viewpoints, Curated by Charlotta Kotik, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2014    ReFreshed, ADORE, San Francisco, CA

           2nd Annual Nashville Art Gallery Exposition, Middle TN State University, Murfreesboro, TN

           ReFreshed, a Traveling Exhibition, GfG, Nashville, TN

           Liminial Communities, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn NY

           Identity, Colvard Student Union Art Gallery, MSU

           The 9/50 Conference, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, GA

           The Dogwood Regional Fine Art Exhibit, Emporium Center for Arts and Culture, Knoxville, TN 

2013    Open Access: Past, Future or Present, Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville, TN 

           Frag-ment, A. I. R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

           CSArt, Seed Space, Nashville, TN

2012    The Art of Healing, Second Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN

2011    The True, The Good, The Beautiful, The Village Chapel, Nashville, TN

2005    How to Start a Revolution, Untitled Artist Group, Nashville, TN 

           Newhaus, Plowhaus, Nashville, TN

           Glow Show, Untitled Artist Group, Nashville, TN

2004    Wanderlust, Solo exhibition Univ. of Rochester, Rush Rhees Art & Music Library, Rochester, NY

           Wonderland, The Belcourt Theather, Nashville, TN

           The Art of Collaboration, Untitled Artist Group, Nashville, TN

2000    Chari-table, Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, AL

1998    If It Ain’t Baroque, Don’t Fix It, Right Angles Gallery, Pensacola, FL

           Soup to Art, Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, AL          

1996    Food, Clothing & Shelter, Solo Exhibition, Relative Art Gallery, Mobile, AL



Nashville 2018, Limited Edition Unsctructure Book Created by Brittany Murphy 
Les Femme Folles, BARED, 2016
Thinking Through Drawing: We All Draw, Edited by Michelle Fava, Angela Brew and Andrea Kantrowitz, 2015 
Les Femme Folles, The Women, Febuary 6, 2015
Nashville Scene, Country Life, an arts and culture blog June 25, 2014
Beautiful Decay December, 17, 2013
Two Coats of Paint, 2012
365Nash.com 2012
Southern Cities, Summer 2000

Education & Professional Development

University of Houston
Bachelor of Fine Arts—Studio Painting, Minor in Art History

Insight? Outta Site! talk and studio visit by Michelle Grabner, co-curator of the 2014 Whitney Biennial

Finding Opportunity with Sharon Louden, NY/MN based visual artist and author of Living and Sustaining a Creative Life. 

Successful Strategies for Creative Workers with Ginger Schulick Porcella and Don Porcella

Thinking Like a Curator with Claire Schneider

Studio visit by Sharon Butler of Two Coats of Paint 

Studio visit by Hrag Vartanian of Hyperallergic

Studio visit by Paddy Johnson of Art F City


Selected Private and Commercial Collections 

Loew's Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, TN

Patrick and Christina Jonas, Montville, NJ

Anne Daigh, Nashville, TN

T. Suzi, Rochester, NY

Patricia Hansen, FL



Photography provided by Jeanette May of Brooklyn, NY 

© 2014 Janet Decker Yanez. All rights reserved.